Success Stories

Below are just a few of our successful adoption stories. We would like to thank everyone who has adopted a kitty from The Cat Protection Society.

Laddie was a 10 1/2 year old kitty that was found by a compassionate lady and brought to CPS. She was afraid that because he was living on the boat docks and empty boats and because he was already declawed that he would be attacked by the alligators around the docks. Laddie was adopted by a lady from Altamonte Springs FL that adores him and he now spends most of his time lounging and sleeping on her bed!
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Kris Kross

Krissy was brought to CPS and she was living in a storage unit area. She is cross-eyed and was pregnant at the time. She was adopted by a family in Paisley, FL because they were afraid she would not survive outdoors due to her eyes being crossed and her impaired vision. She is doing very well and has a loving home now.

Ash came to CPS after falling out of a car when he was about 2 1/2 months old. He had permanant damage to his front left leg. A very sweet family adopted him even though he wasn't perfect. He underwnt surgery to have the damaged leg amputated and he is now doing great with his brothers and sisters and his new loving family!

Bella was brought in as a kitten and was adopted when she was 6 weeks old by a very sweet lady from Mt. Dora. On the aniversary of her adoption her Mommy broght her to the shelter to see us! She is a beautiful and happy kitty now and we loved seeing her!

Callie was 12 weeks old when she was adopted from CPS by a loving couple in July of 2017. They love her dearly and say that she is a blessing to thier home and keeps them active.

I adopted this cutest kitty cat last Friday with my kids. I just want to thank you guys for letting us have him. JT is the cutest kitty cat we have ever seen. We fell in love him with him at first sight. Please thank the person who have been working with him. JT has very good behavior. He loves the kids and the kids absolutely love him.

Thank you again CPS!

JT was broght into CPS as a very skittish kitten (one of the McCall kittens) and we worked very hard with him to become a well-adjusted loving kitty so he could find a forever home.

Petie was adopted by a great family in Mt. Dora, Florida, and they love him to death and he has become one of the family!

Earl was adopted by a man from Mt. Dora, Florida. He loves his new Daddy and has become a very pamperd little man!

When Winter came to CPS he was hours away from death. After nursing him back to health he was adopted by the President of CPS who says he is a spoiled rotten little guy, but she loves him to death!
Jelly & Trouble

Jelly & Trouble were in the same room together at CPS. An great couple came in and could not decide between the two of them so they decided to make both of them part or thier family! They both love their new forever home!

Storm lived at CPS for a couple of years before a great lady and her son came in and decided to make her a part of their loving family! Now she has a family that loves her dearly and has become the Queen and ruler of the house!