Quiet Room

The Quiet Room came about when a long-time volunteer saw the need for a place where the older cats or cats that need some time to adjust to shelter life can relax and get used to their new surroundings. Sometimes when cats arrive at CPS they may have been personal pets and no longer have a home that they were used to. Due to our limited space, we decided to use this space to help some cats adjust instead of having to deal with over 400 other cats in one of the larger rooms. Due to the stress of being introduced into a shelter environment, some cats may become traumatized and may stop eating, drinking or taking care of themselves during this stressful transition. The Quiet Room usually has no more than 10 cats in it at a time and is a sanctuary with tall cat trees, nooks and crannies to hide, and fluffy beds to rest. While some cats may become permanent residents of the Quiet Room, most will move to The Outback or another appropriate room when they have successfully transitioned and become used to shelter life.
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