Adoption Process

CPS takes choosing a cat very seriously. We want you to make the best choice for you, your family and our cats. This is why CPS has an open air concept at our facility. We encourage you to spend a lot of time with the cats, which we feel will help you make a great decision. If you have never been to our shelter, please consider a visit (even if you are not looking for a cat right now). Most of our cats are housed in large rooms where they roam free, to sit on your lap, chase a cat toy, or lounge at your feet. This gives potential adopters a chance to really get to know our cats and possibly their next pet. We want all of our cats to have forever homes.
Our Adoption Process is simple, finding a cat that will best fit your household and family. We ask you to fill out a basic survey with questions about living arrangements, veterinarian, other pets, etc. Our adoption certificate requires address and phone number so we may contact you after your adoption to check on your new cat. We only have a few simple rules…we prefer our cats go to indoor only homes and we do not believe in declawing. Additionally no small kittens are permitted in homes with children less than five years of age.

We have over 400 cats and kittens at CPS. All of them were strays or abandoned. We have a variety of ages - from kittens to seniors. We even have some adults that were turned in to us already declawed. We are sure you will find the perfect match for you and your family.

We do our best to maintain the health of our cats. However, CPS does not have a full time veterinarian on staff. We offer a free checkup within 10 days of adoption, at a participating Lake County veterinarian to check for common shelter airborne viruses.

Cats and kittens are very susceptible to airborne viruses that cause upper respiratory infections. These viruses are virtually impossible to eradicate in a public shelter. Therefore, most of our cats and kittens have been exposed to upper respiratory infection, which may need veterinary attention but is treatable. The symptoms of these infections include sneezing and runny eyes. We encourage you to take advantage of our free checkup.

Additionally, Florida law requires that any animal adopted from a public shelter in Florida be spayed or neutered within 30 days of the date of adoption or for kittens, as soon as they are old enough to have the surgery, at four months and/or four pounds.

Adoption fee includes spay/neuter and certificate for kittens. All adults have been spayed/neutered, tested for FeLuk/FIV, and have current rabies shot.

Adopting a new member of the family is a very exciting time. However, it can also be stressful to your new cat. Because of this, we require that all kitties that leave the shelter be in a carrier so that they can arrive in their new home safely. We will provide you with a cardboard one, or you can bring your own. This is for the safety of the cat/kitten and YOU.
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