Med/Quarantine Rooms

Our Med Room is where our kitties stay when they are feeling a bit under the weather. With 400 + cats in our facility, Upper Respiratory Infection (URI) is an unavoidable part of shelter living. This is similar to children that get a runny nose in daycare, with so many kids; they just keep passing it around. The same is true for cats. While being monitored, they spend time in our Medical Room until they are well again. The Quarantine Room is for cats/kittens that first arrive at CPS. We use this room to "quarantine" new cats and kittens after they have been administered their first vaccinations. This protects our existing cat residents from any virus or disease the newly arrived cat may have while simultaneously vaccinating the new cat. Once they are monitored and (if old enough) spay/neutered, FeLuk/FIV tested, rabies vaccinated and then transitioned into their new larger living quarters in one of the rooms in the shelter.
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