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Lost & Found






        FoundOrangeCat.jpg (26679 bytes) 


A very sweet orange tabby has been hanging around my house lately. He (or she?) is incredibly friendly and you can tell he really wants to be around people. He is very affectionate -- he always comes up to me when I come outside, and he cries when I walk away. I live just south of downtown Orlando.


I can be reached at 814-777-1793 or jessica.r.levin@gmail.com





        Foundbengal2.jpg (37900 bytes) 


Dear CPS Staff,

I am hoping you can place this on your website lost and found area. A friend of mine who lives off of Michigan Avenue in Eustis had a very hungry Bengal show up a little over a week ago. I got involved last Fri to try to find it the good home he deserves. Calls to the animal hospital in Tacoma Washington where he got his last rabies shot Jan 2014 revealed he belonged to a military family, neutered male, ~ 8 years old now and his name had been "Orion". Attempts to track the previous owners have been unsuccessful. This stunning animal is very friendly, playful and obviously is used to being inside a home.

I will be posting him on the FL bengal rescue website and putting up flyers but if your site can help get the word out I would be indebted. I'm already up to 4 cats (one being a crabby Tom) or I would definitely take him in.

Thank You,

Nancy Albright

NutritionNancy@hotmail.com 352-256-7332




        LostMissMorris.jpg (40932 bytes)

Miss Morris

Our Miss Morris has been missing since 2/7/15. She is a female orange tabby, spayed. She weighs about 15.5 pounds. Her home is on Briarwood Lane in Eustis. The Gables subdivision surrounds our street. The contact number if she is found is 352-408-2735.

Bob and Lynn Stocker





      LostPurSilla.jpg (28262 bytes)  LostPurSilla2.jpg (28379 bytes)


Mostly Gray with white paws and chest. Part Korat mix. Missing on Sunday Feb. 15, 2015 in Sorrento area by Sorrento School. One year old. Pur-Silla has been Spayed.

Joanne Keikes
joanne@cbcelectronics.net (407) 448-3217





      FoundVillages.jpg (46051 bytes)


This is a wonderful neutered male about a year old. I found him 2 weeks ago about 9 PM wandering across my street in the Village of Hadley located in The Villages. He was very skinny and hungry. Since then he has gained weight and appears healthy. I believe he is a snowshoe with gorgeous blue eyes, loves to touch and be held and cuddled. He behaves well in the house. I have advertised on the radio, newspaper, and flyers in Vet offices. No response. I have a cat, have kept them separated, and cannot keep him. My husband is adamant!

I would like to find his original owner, as it would appear he came from a good home. If that is not possible, finding him a forever home is something this beautiful cat deserves. I hope you can help us.

Kathy Gittings 352-552-8843





      MissingRocky.jpg (29866 bytes)


Rocky is a large tabby neutered cat 14 years old. He has a very distinctive marking on each side that look like a bullseye. He has a very loud meow. He went missing from 832 E 9th Avenue in Mt. Dora on Wednesday 12/3. We have only been in Mt. Dora for about a month. He is on medication and may go blind without it. We are very distressed as he came with us from Boone, NC and is very loved. He is a little skiddish and may not come to a stranger but will come to food. Please help us find him.

Belinda 828-964-0485





      MissingSamson.jpg (30057 bytes)


He is about a year and a half. Weighs approximately 10 lbs. He is neutered. Went missing from Tavares area near Jungle Zone in Tavares. If found, please call 352-552-2861. Thank you!!





LostLilah.jpg (19801 bytes)   LostChamp.jpg (35984 bytes)   LostRolyPoly.jpg (41749 bytes)


Hi there,

I was so very happy to come across your web page in hopes that someone has seen our cats! We are MISSING THREE! The disappeared from Guearrant Street in the Umatilla area. We know of many people missing their cats. There was an article in the Outpost newspaper stating a couple of "good Samaritans" are going around collecting the ferel cats yet want to remain anonymous. This makes us truly question their GOOD aspect. Two of our three cats had collars, one would not wear a collar due to an injury she had from one. Her name is Lilah and she is a spayed, white and gray cat. She is very prissy and loves to crawl into peoples laps and warm up. She seems to only want to be held on her terms, not someone else.

The 2nd cat we are missing is our most cherished and missed cat! He belongs to my daughter who has had him since she was 12 years old. His name is Champion. He has rabies tags and a tag with his name on a pink heart with a collar. He can be feisty because he has sensitive feet and a bladder that requires him to be on special food to prevent infection. He is about 5-6 years old. He is a very LARGE Siamese cat with some rag doll we think. He loves to drink out of the running tap and licks and rubs against your hands. He does not like to be pet on the back near his tail. He will attempt to bite if touched there. He is severely missed!!

The last but not least cat is MY favorite. He was born April 4th at 1am! We call him, Roly Poly because he was so wobbly when he learned to walk. I had to pull him out of his mama. He is the 3rd born to 6 kittens and we still have his mama! He was only 4 months old and we had an appointment scheduled for him to be neutered at 6 months old. He is gray and white and dark grey and has stripes like a tiger on him with some polka dots on his belly. A yellowish tinge to his nose with some beautiful amber color eyes. I have many pictures of him. from birth to the last one taken before he disappeared. He had a blue collar but the tags we ordered had not come in yet.

The vet we see is Dr. Kelly Bradford and he is aware all of these cats are missing.

PLEASE contact me at GODSCARA@ GMAIL.COM or 352-669-3318 or 352-504-6907 if you have found or see these cats!!


The Gordon Family





Foundblack2.jpg (36567 bytes)


Found this young female cat with a blue collar late August on North Ave off Dora Ave in Tavares. Please let us know if she looks familiar to anyone.

Please email thecatprotectionsociety@gmail.com




 LostPrinceBernie.jpg (57660 bytes)





Foundorange.jpeg (52994 bytes)


Found in - Oxford FL.    Sweet, young male kitty that we cannot keep. He seems to be 6-8 months old.

Please call 352-303-7131





LostTuxedo.jpg (30218 bytes)


I am missing my black and white tuxedo kitty. He's been missing for two days. He's a boy, neutered, declawed, and one ear droops due to a past hemotoma.


Thanks, Linda


I live near florida hospital waterman in Tavares.





Foundtabby1.jpg (36461 bytes)       Foundtabby2.jpg (38814 bytes)

This kitty found its way to my house. Located Park Byrd Rd Lakeland Florida. I believe its a male and is super sweet!

Please call 863-529-5387.





LostGG.jpeg (24506 bytes)


This is GG. She went missing from Cross Tie Ranch near 46A and 44 cross section. She is all white except for a smudge on the top of her head that is grayish. She has green eyes, pink nose and pads. She is a very verbal kitty. She never goes more than 300-400 feet from our house. She is missed terribly.

Please call if you find her. 407-399-3668. $ reward possible.





LostJackson.jpg (26283 bytes)


My son, a 1 year old black cat named Jackson, went missing Wednesday, 11/27 in the Marsh Park community in Eustis. We brought him with us to my mom’s since we were planning on staying for 5 days. He bolted as soon as we got there and hasn’t been seen since. He has yellow eyes and a “v” shaped slit at the tip of his ear from a fight. He is very friendly, extremely vocal and will show affection to ANYONE. He responds to Jackson, Jack Jack and Black Jack. Please help because my kids are heartbroken.

CALL JENNA 407-617-8182 or JEREMY 407-802-7531






Our cat went missing right after vet's visit for rabies update at the beginning of THIS past week (Nov 25)  He went missing from 44A/ 239 area.   He is a plain, small neutered tabby with a thready high pitched meow. He looks perfectly ordinary. Well, he looks like a comic book alley cat. You can't love him for his looks. He is cuddly with people and, despite his size, dominant with other cats.

I have no picture. He is just so plain that no one will ever adopt him and we are very worried about him.


Anyone who finds him, please call tel 352-357-4260 (please leave a message!).





 LostJessie.jpg (18536 bytes)


My indoor-only cat, Jessie went missing/disappeared without a trace on November 6 from Worthington Place in Mascotte. She’s 10 years old, very sweet and we miss her dearly.

Please contact Micki or Daniel at 352-429-1317. Thank you.





 LostSmokey.jpg (26928 bytes)


This is Smokey.  He is a very friendly large cat weighing 16 lbs.  He went missing on September 15th from the Gatwick community in Sorrento.

Please contact Vicki at 407-616-4273.




                          foundblack.jpeg (38053 bytes)


Yesterday (September 14) I found a very friendly cat.  He is all black with green eyes. He is very laid back and is very curious.  He was clearly a domesticated cat before he was lost or let go by his owners.  He weighs approximately 15 pounds and appears to be between 1-3 years old.

Please contact Kelsey at 407 508 4729





                          foundcalico.jpg (16635 bytes)


This young, declawed calico cat was found in the Gatwick subdivision in Sorrento Florida, right off of 46A.  She was very skinny and hungry when we found her.  She is very loving and assume that someone is missing her.

Contact Denise at 352-455-4284




                          LostMinion.jpeg (24778 bytes)


This is Minion. He went missing the first week of September from Woodview Drive in Tavares. He is an adult cat that has been neutered. He is white and brown/tan with medium hair. He had on a collar and tag with his name, but we are afraid he may have lost it. He is an indoor cat. He is very friendly, loves to be petted. Up to date vaccinations. He is our baby and we will offer a reward to anyone if they have him or can lead us to him. We adopted him as a tiny 5 week old kitten from our hometown animal shelter. Our one year old has been asking for "kee kee."

Contact me at randalea@live.com






        lostNova.jpg (25912 bytes)                 


This is Nova. He is a 10 month old neutered boy. He's fairly large for a kitten, about the same, maybe bigger, size as a normal male. About 10 pounds in weight. He was wearing a red collar with his rabies tags on him. He has Siamese points with light stripes fading from his feet and tail. His primary colors are Creme/Black/Beige. He also has a beige stripe on his belly. Very friendly, loves all kinds of animals and people. He's a mama's boy so he will probably be meowing like crazy, if not, he has a bell on his collar. He was lost off of Joleen Drive in Eustis. Has been missing since August 16, 2013. There is a reward for his return.

Please contact Amber at:


(352) 483 1649

(352) 455 5241




        lostMia.jpg (21507 bytes)                 


Please help us find Mia.  She went missing July 7th, 2013 at Lake Nona, Tawnyberry str at Nona Preserve community. She is very petite and shy, an inside cat only, 6 lbs, striped Tabby with green eyes.  She is 8 years old.  She likes dark places and might have jumped into someone's car to hide. 

Please contact Tomek if found at 626-840-8721.




        LostAries.jpg (46356 bytes)                 


Aries, almost 3 years old.  Solid black, pale minty green eyes, non-neutered, male.  Affectionate, not aggressive but very cautious.  He would be fearful if contained.  He is semi-feral, and found me.  I saw him as a kitten, but he was elusive.  Slowly, we formed a bond in the wee hours of early mornings.  He came to sit by me on my front porch under the trees, when nobody but him and I were awake.  Long months we have spent getting to know one another, figuring each other out, he is my baby now.  I love him more than a cat.   We were meant to be together, I miss him too much, please, if you see or hear ANYTHING, don't hesitate to call.  I'm even searching the forests near my home.   Eustis/Lock Leven area. 

Thank you. 386-308-8685




        lostfencester.JPG (37256 bytes)                 


Fencester has been missing since April 12, 2013. My husband and I rescued him from a busy highway eight years ago. He is black, short-haired and neutered. Fencester is an indoor cat and not street-smart. He is not declawed. He is incredibly sweet and gets along with other cats. He went missing in Howey-In-The-Hills. Please help us bring Fencester home. We love him tremendously.

If you think you've seen Fencester, please call Archie & Lisa at 352-324-2501 or 386-527-4577. Thank you so much!!




        lostbuddy.jpg (24056 bytes)                 


Buddy has been missing since Sunday (February 3, 2013). He is grey/white, 13 years old and neutered. He just had a check-up at the vet last week with a perfect bill of health. He was wearing a black collar with a green rabies tag from the Tavares Animal Hospital. He went missing from Shirley Shores Rd in Tavares. He is absolutely the sweetest cat and gets along with everyone and everything. He loves hard cat food as treats. His whole family misses him terribly!

Thank you.






        lostJasmine.jpg (31825 bytes)                 


Our family adopted Jasmine from the Cat Protection Society in March of 2010.  On October 13, we had some friends over and Jasmine was spooked and must have ran out the back door.  We didn't even know she had gotten out until, Saturday morning, when our neighbor found her safety collar stuck in his bushes.  We searched all over on Saturday for her, but could not find her.  On Sunday we searched and asked all of our neighbors, but no one has seen her.  She is very shy and is scared of EVERYTHING.  Please let us know if you have seen her.   We want our baby back.

When found, please call Lisa at 352-735-7664. Thank you!




        LostDude.JPG (66791 bytes)                 


My cat Dude has been missing since last night.  He was last seen Monday July 30th on Jasmine street in Eustis. Please help me find him. He is about 8 years old.  He is very friendly and has a loud purr.  He has green eyes, a scar on his lip, and a notch taken out of one ear.  I adopted him from the Cat Protection Society several years ago. He is very loved and we can't wait to have him home. 

When found, please call Jennifer at 352-406-0575. Thank you!




        missingSmokey.JPG (45529 bytes)                 


She's been missing since the evening of June 4th and she lives in the Eustis/Mount Dora area. Some of her physical characteristics are that she's a gray calico, she has a large patch of white on the right side of her neck, green eyes, and she has a slightly hooked tail at the end. She can be a bit aggressive to anyone she doesn't know, but she is very loving and caring towards family. She's about 8 or 9 years of age and a medium sized cat. We miss her very dearly and we would really like her back.

If she's found, please contact us at (352)-729-2646, polarblast29@yahoo.com, or return her to 2418 East Moonlight Lane Eustis, FL.




        lostblackcat.jpg (44715 bytes)        lostblackcat2.jpg (45301 bytes)         


I am missing my cat from the Clermont/Hancock Road area.  He is a small, 2 year old, black male with a white locket.  Approximately 8-10 lbs, very affectionate.  If you have seen him, please let us know.  Thank you for your help!

Please call 352-242-8246 or contact me at selon128@aol.com .  Thank You!





        LostDusty.jpg (27494 bytes)             


Our family has lost our beloved cat.   She is four years old, spayed, not declawed and is all gray with very thick fur and her nose is gray.  She has a long tail and has golden eyes.  She answers to the name Dusty.

If someone finds her please call 847-395-4469 or 847-791-8343.  Thank You!





        lostmorgan.JPG (56324 bytes)             


Lost cat in Minneola. He is a black and white tuxedo cat, mostly black with white feet and chest and a little black spot under his nose.

If someone finds him please call 352-241-8657 or 352-988-4898.  Thank You!





        Juliet.JPG (29697 bytes)             


Juliet she is spayed and de-clawed in the front.  Her family lives in the Sienna Ridge sub-division in Clermont/Four Corners area and misses her greatly. 

CALL 863-512-1685/1689









CALL MARIELA 352-217-6305