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Kitten Room
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lobby1.jpg (21877 bytes)During the fall and winter months the lobby is usually empty of cats and kittens and is a quiet place where adoption papers are signed, phone calls are received and information is given to visitors. During the spring and summer months, it is quite a different story because it's KITTEN SEASON! Although CPS has a special room and porch area designated for our older kittens and young adults, some are too small and young to be roaming around such a big room on their own. These wee ones are placed in clean cages with their littermates lobby2.jpg (22727 bytes)or other kittens and housed up in the lobby. When you come in it is a symphony of "mews" and "peeps" from the youngest residents of CPS. Although it is hard to get past the cuteness of these babies, please visit all of our rooms because everyone loves a pat on the head or a chin scratch!