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Adopt A Kitty
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Below are some of our adorable cats looking for their forever homes.  Will that home be yours?

We have over 400 kitties at the shelter.  We run at capacity most of the time.  Therefore, we cannot accept all kitties that need a home.  However, they need homes just as badly as those that we can accommodate at the shelter.  Please check out the kitties below as well as those listed under Other Kitties (see link at left). 

We update the website a couple times monthly so we cannot guarantee that all the kitties below are still available.  Please come visit the shelter to see who will steal your heart.





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SHANO - one eye


Hooter.jpg (22346 bytes)
HOOTER - Declawed


Prissy.jpg (36194 bytes)
PRISSY - very sweet


Rylin.jpg (18378 bytes)
RYLIN - she is sweet


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Lydia.jpg (8781 bytes)


Poor Lydia.  She just had kittens and then off to Animal Control they all went.  CPS adopted them via our Sheba program.  They have been staying with one of our foster mothers while the kittens get old enough to be adopted.   Lydia loves to be petted and is very sweet.  She is being spayed and getting her vacines so she will be ready to be adopted into a permanent home.  




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            Christine.jpg (24916 bytes)


Christine is a lovely muted gray calico, who is about a year old.  She arrived earlier this summer with her kitten after being found abandoned.  Thankfully, she does not resent the person that did this and still loves to be cuddled and held.  Although her kitten has since been adopted, this wonderful Mom is still here waiting for her second chance at her forever home.  Christine is currently in the outback area.  Come by to see this beautiful and sweet girl who is waiting to become a part of your family.




         Heather2012.JPG (21609 bytes)   


Heather is very sweet calico that is about 2 to 3 years old.  She lives in our outback area and appears to get along well with other cats, so a transition into a multi-cat family home would be easy.  Heather has lovely fur with unique markings and she absolutely loves to be pet!  If you would love to have a beautiful little girl with lots of personality, Heather is the kitty for you.




        Airiel.jpg (25670 bytes)    


Airiel is a female gray tabby with a beautiful face and white chest.  She is soft and silky and loves to be pet. We have been told that she is approximately 3 to 4 years old.   Airiel gets along well with other cats, and would do well in a multi-cat family.   She is currently in our Quiet Room. 




         ChantillyLace.jpg (23711 bytes)   


Chantilly Lace is a beautiful pale orange and white tabby that is under a year old and very loveable. She enjoys having her chin scratched too. Chantilly Lace gets along well with other cats, so would adjust very well to a multi-cat family. She currently lives in the outback area, please come by to visit this lovely lady!




 Bitty.jpg (29486 bytes) 


Bitty gives a whole new meaning to hanging around the house.   She is a very relaxed and happy girl.  She is very affectionate and has no trouble showing her laid back side.  Bitty is approximately one year old and would love to share her new home with other cats and has a very adoring personality.  Bitty can be found in our outback area.  Please stop by and meet her.




         Hydrox.jpg (18365 bytes)   


Hydrox is a female tuxedo and is about 2 years old. She is very smart, friendly and has a soft coat of beautiful black and white fur. She lives in the outback area.




 WildBillie.JPG (23407 bytes) 

         WILD BILLIE

We’re just wild about Billie!  Was that corny?  Well, when you love a fur baby as much as everyone here loves this beautiful girl, you can’t help but get a little sappy.   And in case you were wondering, she’s not “wild” at all—we just liked the name because she reminds us of a modern-day Annie Oakley seeing as she can be a bit independent at first.  She’s cautious in large areas due to her abandonment, but she warms up very quickly and then turns on the love.  She loves to be petted and with her gorgeous, shiny black-and-white coat who can resist her?  Billie is about a year old and is currently living in the CPS Quiet Room.  Come meet her and before you know it, you’ll be wild about her, too!




  Boutique.JPG (32143 bytes)


Boutique is a young lady with copper eyes, white paws, bib and whiskers – and the sweetest disposition you will find. She was hand-carried into the Cat Protection Society Resale Shop one recent Friday, having been left behind by her “family” when they abandoned their home. She was immediately placed in a carrier and taken to our shelter. Through it all, Boutique maintained amazing composure. She is that kind of girl. She has just been spayed and would love to go to your house and begin her new life.



     Sunday 1.jpg (24947 bytes)             Sunday.jpg (25470 bytes)

Sunday -- ADOPTED!

See her in her new home under Success Stories!

This beautiful Siamese cat was brought to CPS through our Sheeba Fund from Lake County Animal Services. She is a very friendly cat that deserves a chance at a forever home. Unfortunately, Sunday has tested positive for Feline Leukemia. This is a virus that she can live with for her entire life, but she will have to be an indoor only cat and she should only be with other cats that have Feline Leukemia.