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Emma and gang 1.JPG (36933 bytes) 

Emma is volunteer that comes in with her Dad every other Saturday and helps us clean the shelter. Her payoff for her hard day's work is to help us play with the cats and kittens.   Here she is covered in little kittens - having a great time!

                      Thanks Emma!




We understand that times are tough for most of us financially which is why giving your time is a free and fun way to give to the cats and kittens at CPS.  We have volunteer opportunities from cleaning the shelter, helping us transport cats/kittens to the vet, helping out at our CPS Resale Shop, or just coming out and spending some time loving and petting the cats at the shelter.   If you are interested in volunteering your time at the shelter, please contact us at (352) 589-6228. If you are interested in volunteering at the Resale Shop, please contact us at (352) 383-0685 today! We have volunteers of all ages and we value each and every one.   We couldn't do it without them!

ruby.jpg (171999 bytes)

Ruby (in blue skirt), a CPS volunteer, just celebrated her 91st birthday at the shelter!

  Happy Birthday, Ruby!