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Success Stories

Below are just a few of our successful adoption stories.  We would like to thank everyone who has adopted a kitty from The Cat Protection Society. 


        SuccessLola.jpeg (22475 bytes)


I adopted Lola last year. She had been left at your shelter twice. Once dumped out front with her kittens and once returned by the owner after being adopted. She has gotten a fresh start along with a new name. She reminded me of a cow so I named her Moo. She has the appetite of one also. So it fits. She enjoys her new home. Her favorite location is on her perch in front of the window where she watches over the yard.

She has lots of room to roam and enjoys racing around the house. I wanted to thank everyone for helping these animals and for creating a place where good owners can find their new best friends.



Thank you, Kari!


        SuccessAlexaMarieKitty1.jpg (21503 bytes)   SuccessAlexaMarieKitty2.jpg (29281 bytes)

Chive (aka Bogie) and Eze (aka Foxy)

Good Afternoon, I wanted to send a quick updated about our two wonderful cats we adopted from you, Chive (aka Bogie) and Eze (aka Foxy). We adopted Chive back in March, and had the good fortune of watching his personality blossom before us. At first he was quiet and a little nervous, but in the past few months he has become vocal and a true member of our family. He has found a favorite toy, sleeps everywhere, and loves spending hours sitting on our porch in one of our lounge chairs. Since we brought him home, he has gained some weight and made our place his home. Since we spent so much time away during the week, we knew he needed a best friend, and we couldn't have made a better choice than taking home Foxy in July. She has proven herself to be very different from her brother; she is energetic, cuddly and into everything! She has found a favorite blanket and sleeps right between us every night at the top of the bed. Despite her tiny size she has a huge appetite and loves affection to much she is constantly between us and whatever we are doing, just to be cuddled. We could not be happier to have both of them in our lives and our family; we love spending days at home with them, as they lounge on the couch and sleep the day away. We are so grateful to have been able to adopt both of them from the Cat Protection Society and we recommend anyone interested in a sweet loving cat of their own to look no further than your facility. Thank you so much and we hope to be able to bring home more cats in the future.

Thank you, Alexa Marie!


        SuccessZoe.jpg (16350 bytes)


Just wanted to say thanks so much for helping us find the newest member of our family! It is a wonderful service that you provide. I've attached a pic of Zoe in her new home. I think we made an excellent choice, as she is just the perfect little lady; sweet and reserved! Thanks again!

Thank you, Timothy!


        SuccessMidget.jpg (34352 bytes)


Little Midget survived against all odds thanks to the loving care of her foster mom Jeneen and her forever mom Dianne. This sweet petite girl is enjoying her forever home these days snuggled up in warm beds getting all the love she wants.

Thank you, Jeneen and Dianne!


        successcruiser.jpg (80101 bytes)



I am writing you to give you updated photos of a kitten that my husband adopted from you as a surprise for me. He adopted Cruiser back on August 6th of this year. We lost our black lab October 2012. We got her when she was 6 weeks old and she was 9 when we lost her. She left quite the void in our hearts and house. We recently moved here from Michigan and he decided it was time for a new pet. It was too hard to get another dog, so surprisingly he decided on a kitten for me. I had no clue he was coming to see you. I have to say he made an excellent choice. Cruiser earned his named because he ran from one end of the house to the other. After being fixed and declawed, he has become quite the lover. Thank goodness because my husband's stomach and legs couldn't handle much more. LOL I'm enclosing a few pics of him so you can see how he's grown. We love him very much.


George and Kelly

Thank you, George and Kelly!


        SuccessOdie.jpg (51563 bytes)

ODIE -- adopted by CPS foster Mom

Hi Carolyn & Jan, (CPS volunteers)

I have been wanting to send this to you for almost a year now -- Odie was one of three foster kittens that I bottle-fed beginning April of 2012.   His two brothers were red classic tabbies (Mozart & Beethoven), and our reasoning for keeping Odie was that the classics were so gorgeous that they would get adopted a lot sooner than Odie.

Well, we were right, in that Odie's brotheres were adopted together.  But look at Odie now!!   He developed into a beautiful medium-hair orange & white tabby, and is a real hoot -- a really big kitten!!

I only hope his brothers are having a good life with their new family -- Odie is having a ball here.

(For what it's worth, these 3 were the youngest kittens I had ever tried to bottle feed. I still can't believe I did it!  They were dumped @ one-day old).

Thank you, Jeneen!


         SuccessTerri.jpg (22343 bytes)     successPatches.jpg (20840 bytes)   successmoochie.jpg (22090 bytes)

Madame Mouse, Patches and Princess Bossy Cat -- all adopted from CPS!

We just wanted to let you know that we like our home and we all have very important jobs.

Madame Mouse :
When I first came to my new home I had a bad cold and was taken to chief White Coat and then arrived at my new home and hid under the bed.  Well, top cat Princess Bossy Cat RN and Attorney at Law came and said according to house rules there would be no hiding.  She also told me where all the potty boxes were and said that we could have as much dry food as we wanted.  Wet food was served twice a day and under no circumstances was I allowed outside even if the door was left open.  Now Bossy and I are good pals and she being a nurse kitty she helped wash me till I got better.  My favorite game is called the "cover game".  Once Mom is in bed, I act like I want to go under the covers, so she lets me in but then I go right back out, and in and out again, until she bunches up the covers around her neck .  But then I tickle her neck and hog her pillow.

Patches :
My name is Patches but sometimes I get called Hobo.  My job duties are "bug control specialist" and "walking attendant" .  Bossy and I both accompany Mom when she goes for a walk.   I'm now allowed outside after I destroyed the screens.  However, I stay inside at night snuggling with Mom or any guest using the spare bedroom.  I have my drivers license too and I love to go for car rides.

Princess Bossy Cat:
As top cat (since I was adopted before Madame Mouse and Patches), I do have to at times instill order around here.  My job duties are to secure the front yard  and also "walking attendant" along with Patches.


Thank you, Holly!


         Jake.jpeg (65541 bytes)


Hello.  I adopted Jake from your facility in Nov 2011 just after we lost our beloved Maine Coon mix kitty Yetta who was 20 and our hearts were broken as we had her since she was 6 weeks.   I wanted another Maine Coon if possible and although I wanted a kitten, one of your staff suggested Jake, a Maine Coon mix who was about 2.  She put him in my arms.   He buried his head in my arm and purred loudly.  It melted my heart and I took him home that day.  He is 3 1/2 and still growing.  He acted like he was home from first day.  Thank you for all you do for cats and people's hearts. Pic is w my husband.  He greets him at door every nite. His name is now Justin and he is healthy and happy in his forever home.


Thank you, Jeanie!


         successmarshmallow.jpg (36116 bytes)


Just wanted to introduce everyone to Marshmallow.  After many years of rescuing cats and kittens I found myself with only one 15 year old male cat who was very lonely in a house with two greyhounds and one american eskimo.  He spent his entire life living with other cats and after losing his last companion to old age, he was very lonely and crying out at night.  I decided to speak to someone at CPS after meeting them last year at an animal rescue event we were both involved with.  They helped me decide on a young chunky female that had found herself homeless.  The two cats got along almost immediately.  Creamcycle no longer cries at night and Marshmallow seems to be very happy with her new surroundings.

Wanted to thank this wonderful organization for helping cats like Marshmallow find their forever homes.

Thank you, Maria!


          SuccessRuger.jpg (43552 bytes)                    SuccessRuger1.jpg (31782 bytes)


Good morning,

I adopted "Ruger" ,also named "Roo" , from CPS in June 2012.  He was in the litter of May kittens that had been dropped off/abandoned with major eye infections, with one of his litter mates later losing an eye.  From the moment I brought him home, he was fearless!  Not scared of his new surroundings or his new mom.  He acted like he owned the place right from the beginning!  Ruger is the sweetest cat I've ever owned.  He follows me around the house and will sleep in my lap on the couch or when laying down, he will climb up onto my chest and practically lay on my face if allowed!   He goes for car rides to my parents house down the road where he will harass our other 2 cats to get them to play with him.  He really is the best cat ever.   Thank you for allowing me to adopt him.  He has grown into such a handsome boy!

Thank you,


Thank you, Katie!


          successMaximus1.jpg (16496 bytes)


Hello CPS!

I've never had a cat before, but after falling in love with a few strays at my grandmother's house, I quickly changed from a dog person to a cat person. I decided I wanted to rescue a kitty, give him or her a forever home. I'd researched cat care, nutrition, longevity, and nearby shelters to give myself an idea of what I was getting into and a few days later, my boyfriend and I drove around. Our first stop was CPS since it's so close to home. At first I was intimidated, wondering if I was really ready to have a cat. My boyfriend reassured me that we could go in just to look and minutes later, we were exploring the rooms in CPS. In the 'Outback' area we were greeted by dozens of friendly cats. However, there was one little black and white kitty that would follow us everywhere I went, weaving between my legs. He was very cute, but didn't have a name on his collar like the other kitties. After asking the lady at the desk to hold him for me, we rushed out and bought a cat carrier, food, toys, and brushes. When we returned, he'd been named "Rocket". My boyfriend had a slight allergy to cats at the time, so he stayed in the car and I went in, cat carrier in-hand. I went to the room where I fell in love with the little black and white beauty and he was perched up on one of the shelves as soon as you walk through the door. His face looked as if he were saying, "Well it's about time you got back!"

Currently, "Maximus Disaster Rocket" (Maximus) is enjoying his days at our home with his very own room! He loves to perch up on the top tier of his cat stand and play with his mousies. I honestly don't know what I've been doing with my life before I met the little guy. I mean I do...I attend college full-time, work part-time, and relax the rest of it, but having Maximus in my life made me realize that my life feels more full. Knowing that I saved him is all the more rewarding and he's the happiest kitty there is! He'll come up and greet total strangers with licks to the hand and a constant, quiet purr. I look forward to returning to CPS in a few months to rescue another kitty, hopefully a little girlfriend for him so he can be as happy as he's made me. Thank you CPS, this kitty changed my life completely!



Thank you, Ally!


          adoptedLux.jpg (28538 bytes)                   adoptedSelah.jpg (10865 bytes)

Lux                                                                               Selah

Dear CPS:

I named the calico Selah. In Hebrew, it means to pause and think about it. Which is her.  She is very shy and watches before she does anything.  However, she is making progress everyday.

Aggie is now Lux.  In Latin it means light.  She has such a bright personality so it fits.  She is so playful and loving and sleeps right next to me.  She is loving to Selah .

I am so glad I took the two because Selah needs a companion and if she can't find Lux she will cry and Lux will go to her.  It is cute.  They have brought such joy already and it has not been but a couple of days.

In the pictures you can see Selah still a little stiff but I will send more as she begins to feel safe and relax.  She is such a joy to watch as she makes progress.

Thank you for the wonderful gifts.

Thank you, Tina!


          SuccessOscar.jpg (21424 bytes)


Dear CPS:

I just wanted to touch base with you to let you know that Aztec (now named Oscar ) is doing great!  He and our female cat Lola are getting along really well now – they just stayed away from each other for the first 24 hours then suddenly decided they liked each other!  He is really sweet and a great addition to our family.

Thanks for all your help!

Thank you, Keri!


               successbobette.jpg (19997 bytes)


We had a female Siamese cat named "Bob" for 12 years but lost her to cancer.  After three years we decided we were ready to adopt another cat.  We were looking on your website for a similar looking Siamese and found "Sunday" on your website.  We went to see for ourselves what she was like. And, Oh My Goodness, we fell in love!  Miss Evelyn explained how this cat was positive for Feline Leukemia and needed to be in a home without other uninfected cats and also needed to be an indoor cat.  She also told us that it was important to keep her stress level low.  She said that it is  safe for humans to live with a feline leukemia infected cat as humans cannot catch it.   All that we needed to do was to love her and keep her safe. EASY JOB!

Bob-Ette has been with us now for over 17 months.  I can't begin to tell you how this furry feline has impacted our lives.  She follows us all over the house, plays fetch and even peek-a-boo!   Bob-Ette has filled the loneliness gap for us.  She chats up a storm and actually seems to carry on a kitty conversation!  She is now over 10 lbs of the softest fur you can imagine.  She does not seem to have any side effects of feline leukemia whatsoever. Her energy level is high as well.  At first I was afraid that our time with Bob-Ette could be shorter due to her condition and that the best I could do would be to give her a stress-free environment full of love and affection. However, this year and a half has shown me that with a little care and love, even feline leukemia disease can take a back seat to a lively, healthy ,wonderful companion of a cat.   I would encourage any cat-lover looking for a good companion to seriously consider a feline leukemia cat who will spread love throughout your home.  It certainly worked for us!

Thank you, Cat Protection Society ,for being a facility who has a no-kill policy.  There are many cats there that are just craving attention from a cat lover.  My 12 year old grandson asked if we could visit the CPS so he could play with the feline leukemia cats!  He also commented that if he lived here he would love to volunteer many hours a week at CPS to help these animals. 

Thank you, Mary Ann!


          SuccessJaded.jpg (35663 bytes)   SuccessJaded1.jpg (11061 bytes)  SuccessJaded2.jpg (46455 bytes)


We adopted Kit Kat on August 4th, 2012.   She is an only child and loving all the attention she gets.   She is very well behaved and a good companion.  We have changed her name to Jaded.  She is very playful and sleeps with us at night.  She is very entertaining and has a great personality.  Thank you so much for giving us the chance to get to know her and find her.  I had a wonderful time playing with all the cats and meeting them.  Your staff was so nice and very helpful with selecting the perfect cat for us.  I will keep sending pictures and keep you informed.

Thank you, Joyellen!


      Mew1.jpg (25882 bytes)    Mew2.jpg (27827 bytes)


Mew is a wonderful addition to our family.   He is doing very well and growing quickly.  He has a ten year old female boxer for a friend and they are getting along well.  We are in love!

Thank you, David and Martee!


          Dexter.JPG (28715 bytes)   Muldoon.JPG (30447 bytes)

Dexter and Muldoon

An update to a previous story below!

Dear CPS,

We adopted Muldoon & Dexter back in 2010.  These two cats are the best cats in the world.  We originally submitted a photo and story but Dexter was just a kitten.  Muldoon was formally named “Golden boy” at the shelter.  From what I understand from a few workers, he had a large fan club. He was king of the center!

These two cats have brought us so much joy.  They are best of friends.  They chase and play and roll around with each other on a daily basis.  Muldoon has his crazy mannerisms as does Dexter.  They both know the word “treats” and come running at the sound of the word.  Then Muldoon leaps on my lap an hour or two later when he wants seconds.   He is persistent with the leaping and then immediately bolting to the treat drawer.   Continually talking in “cat talk” until he gets his second helping. T hey are both so friendly and active.  They love each other as much as they love us.   I could go on and on.  The stories are endless.

I wanted to submit an updated photo of each cat incase just maybe someone was curious about "Muldoon...formerly “Golden Boy” when he was at the center.  Dexter is the black and grey and good ole “Golden Boy” is the light orange.

Thank you for being there CPS

Cheryl & Doug

Thanks for the update, Cheryl and Doug!


      successLily.jpg (17295 bytes)

Cloud and Lily

Our family has had the awesome opportunity of adopting two wonderful kittens from the Cat Protection Society!   We first adopted (several years ago, solid white) Lily and then Cloud (white and grey) last year.  Both have become such a fantastic part of our family!  We love them dearly!  Thank you!

Thank you, Stearns Family!


      Beau.gif (26345 bytes)


We adopted ‘Silly’ on Saturday  after the staff kindly stayed late to allow us to get to know several cats.  I am in a wheelchair while rehabbing from a stroke-like episode and had just lost my 15 yrs old companion, so we wanted an older/mellow cat that would keep me company and also engage me to move arm/hand more.  ‘Silly’ (we’ve since named him Beau) is only about 1 yr old yet is an extremely affectionate gentleman.  He seeks me out at least 3-4 times a day, sits/lays nearby when I’m on the phone or compter and stays with both of us most of the evenings.  He has shown signs of being well trained and shows gratitude for anything we do for/with him.  He may have been a little over disciplined since he is often timid to do anything until we show him it is ok, yet shows no signs of fear or abuse.  So now he spends the rest of his day taking naps or getting to know our home (which he now owns.)


Thanks Melissa and Ben!


      popcorn.jpg (29898 bytes)


We are new residents to Lake County (May 2010).  We moved up here from Southwest Florida with our 4 cats, 1 dog and 2 ferrets.  Since then we adopted a duck named Chuck and two stray kitties that showed up on our porch and made their way into our home.

We spent the first summer here getting settled into our new home.  In the summer of 2011, I asked my 11 year old daughter Chloe what she wanted to do for her summer vacation, she said she wanted to work at the Humane Society.  We visited the Humane Society in Umatilla, they told us Chloe would have to be 18 to work there but gave us a map to CPS.  The next day, we went to CPS and asked about volunteering, Amber told us they would be happy to have us as long as I was there with Chloe.  So every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday we were there.  After the first day, I figured Chloe would give up - I never thought she would scoop poop and scrub litter pans, but every morning she would pop out of bed at 7:30 and could not wait to go to CPS!   When the summer was over, Chloe had to go back to SW Florida to her dad's for school, but I still volunteer every Tuesday and Chloe and I come in every other Saturday.   We have come to know many of the cats and want to bring them all home with us.   Chloe is sad when one of her favorites gets adopted, but happy that they are getting a loving home!  Even though we already have a house full, I had to let her adopt a cat from CPS.  I told her for her birthday in September that she could pick one cat or kitten.  What a difficult decision, it took a couple of weeks, how could she choose just one!  Well that's how Popcorn came into our home and hearts!!!   He's just awesome!!!

Thank you CPS for bringing Popcorn to us and for doing all that you do for all of the cats and kittens - what an amazing place and amazing people - it is a privilege and honor being a small part of your organization!!!



Thanks Chloe and Polly!


      Artemis.jpg (22716 bytes)


This was one of the "gate kitties" that I adopted from your shelter roughly 3 months ago.  I named her Artemis after the Greek goddess and boy does she live up to her name.  I adore her and she's my baby.  She has taken over the house and now enjoys teasing our dog by letting him get just close enough to her before she takes off and makes her chase her. I just thought I'd let you guys know she's doing great and to thank you for bringing her into my life!


Thanks Trish!


                                 litteradoption.jpg (44426 bytes)  

               Entire litter adopted!

So what happens when you can't decide which kitty to adopt?  They all are adorable and you can't leave with just one or two because the remaining one is giving you those "take me too" eyes.  Well, you take them all!  That's what happened.  These three littermates were turned into Animal Control.  The ladies there fell in love with them and began bottle-feeding them.  Eventually , once they were old enough, they called CPS and these three siblings were brought over hoping that the shelter could find them new homes.  That was their lucky day!  In walks this generous soul and out he goes with a new ready-made family.  And who ever said "three's a crowd"?   Certainly  no one in this happy household!



  Monty.jpg (24708 bytes)                              Monty2jpg.jpg (27782 bytes)


Alright here's a little bit about my cat:

His name is Monty and I got him a little over 5 years ago from your  old location.   He's a fantastic cat, but he acts more like a dog than a cat so I call him my little puppy.   When I first brought him home he was so small with such awkward long legs that made him so tall and funny looking.  His tail was broken at the very tip and was at a 90 degree angle.  He kept it like that even after it was all better so he walks around my house now like a little Mr. Priss Pants. When we travel, he has a special pillow I bought for him when he was a baby that says "its all about me" and has a picture of a cat wearing a tiara.  The pillow is a purple heart and he squishes it around to puff it up and then he'll lay on it.  He also has a cat bed that he used to sleep in but he's a little too big for it now. I absolutely love him and I don't know what I'd do without him.  When I first got him I was in 5th grade and he used to go with me and my mom to drop me off at school and he'd be there in the truck with his paws up on the window looking for me when the day was done.  When I got in the truck he would fall asleep on my lap. It was always so adorable.  He is quite the goof ball and is so indescribable.   He's a special little angel. :)


Thanks Stacy!


  skywalker.JPG (29202 bytes)


Thought you would like to see how this kitty is doing. She was one of your seniors, I believe called Sweetness. I adopted her for my son, then 5, about 3 years ago when his dad and I separated.  The two are inseparable now, impossibly heartwarming!  She follows him everywhere, even to bed at night.  She is well loved by myself and my 5 year old daughter too, but she is Roland's special friend.


Thanks Beth and Roland!


  miley.JPG (61663 bytes)

Miley and Mickey

This is Miley and Mickey, my beautiful little girls!  We were very excited to find these special kittens at CPS so we adopted both of them.   They love to play and act crazy during the day but at night they love cuddling up against us!  We would like to thank the volunteers at CPS that helped us out, we greatly appreciate their service.  We will always recommend CPS to family and friends!


Thanks Tiffany and Cody!


             Lovey.jpg (23153 bytes)                        Lovey2.jpg (21009 bytes)


My name is Laura and I adopted my Lovey (aka Turnover) in July of 2011. She is adorable!! I came to the CPS to find a loving cat and one of the volunteers heard me say so and brought "Turnover" to me. "Turnover" warmed right up to us and was cuddling within the first fifteen minutes of bringing her home -- she's just that loving (hence the name).  Now, I wouldn't trade Lovey for anything.  I would like to thank the volunteers for all their help.  Also, for anyone who is looking for a cat/kitten there are PLENTY at CPS in need of good homes and I highly recommend that you visit them.  :)


  Thanks Laura!


             Christina.jpg (6784 bytes)


This is Christina (we kept her original name), who I adopted about a year ago from CPS. I met her when I started volunteering occasionally with my mom, Carole and my sister, Allison. She was in Doa n's room because of problems with her eyes I believe. There is alot of scar tissue either from past infection or trauma and her sight is good but not 100 percent. She was also a "biter" wearing a red collar so I was cautious around her at first. As I got to know her, I came to realize what a sweetheart she was, quickly becoming my favorite kitty at CPS. I always looked forward to seeing her. She was kind of a "mama" to the other cats in her room and would groom them whenever they would let her. I had no intention on taking her home - it was a spontaneous decision. I showed up at CPS one Saturday and couldn't find her. She had been moved to the big room in the back, I guess because she was over her eye problems and was a pretty well adjusted cat. When I found her back there, we greeted each other and I just knew I wanted to take her home at that moment. It just so happens my kids, Johnathan and Rebecca, were with me that day and they also fell in love with her. We took her home and she fit in perfectly with my family and 3 other cats. She has turned out to be one of the sweetest kitties I've ever known - she's extremely vocal, always chirping and even responds to her name when she's spoken to. She loves belly rubs and to be kissed on her face.  I am so thankful to have her, as is the rest of the family, she won everyone over quickly. I  think a lot of people would look past her because of the scar tissue in her eyes and because of the fact that she gives little love bites and nibbles here and there, but it just goes to show that people should keep an open mind when searching for their kitty companion -- the best ones don't always fit the mold, so to speak. There are so many lovers at CPS, like Christina, who, despite their physical challenges and handicaps, have such great personalities and are so good natured and lovable.  It's a shame that they get overlooked so often.

  Thanks Lisa!


             Keewee.jpg (26634 bytes)

This is our KeeWee (a.k.a. CPS name "Miss Kitty") who we adopted on May 14th, 2011. She is wonderful and is slowly settling in with our three other cats (one who is also a CPS alumni). Thank you CPS for taking KeeWee in from Lake County Animal Services and giving her a chance to find her forever home with us. Many thanks to Amber (CPS staff member) for her patience while we spent time getting to know KeeWee.

                     Thanks Monique!



             Nala.jpg (27357 bytes)


Here is Nala and my daughter.  We adopted Nala originally named Copper in Sept. 2009 from CPS.  She is my daughter's best buddy.  We went there looking for my parents' missing cat and she followed me around rubbing her head against my face.  I had no intentions of taking a cat home but came back to get her the very next day and took her home with me, LOL.  She's awesome and takes every bit of petting and attention she can get.  She is one of the most friendly cats I've ever seen. We love our NalaLala!   Adopt a cat today!


 Thanks Jamie!


             Bella.jpg (23823 bytes)


This is Bella.  She came to CPS via the pound and her paper said she was 3 years old or so. When we adopted her we figured she was much younger as she was so tiny and sickly.  We brought her home to our other cats and she got along just fine. Once she realized she would get plenty to eat and lots of love she warmed up to us too.  Bella loves her comforts.  She has provided hours of entertainment to my family.  She and our other cats play and fight.  It's our own little soap opera.  She pretends not to like me but is either on my bed with me or laying on the computer desk when I'm there.  She's a treasure to me.


   Thanks Nancy!


             Truffles.jpg (13120 bytes)


This is Truffles. That was her name at CPS and it still is her name. We went to CPS in 1999 because the cat we had ran off and my boys were very sad without him. I wanted a long hair cat but every time we went to look, this one particular cat would get on my shoulders wherever I was standing. She would rub her head on my hair. It took 4 visits for me to realize she was my cat. She has been a faithful companion to me as I have been going through a lot with diabetes. She watches over me when I get sick, worries when I'm in the hospital, and is joyful at my return home. We're a couple of old girls looking out for one another.


     Thanks Nancy!


   Kermit2.jpeg (20655 bytes)          Kermit.jpeg (25162 bytes)


Hi Allison, (CPS Volunteer)

I just wanted to let you all know how Ki-Ki is doing in his new home. He is getting used to his new name! I am calling him Kermit or Kermy. He has adjusted well.  He is very playful, loving and is eating up a storm.  He visited my vet and got a clean bill of health.  He spent the first week in his own room but is now integrating into the general population.  Aside from a few swats and hissing matches he is doing well with my other cats, Bonnie and Stretch.  His asthma problem is minimal and does not seem to affect him much at all besides the inability to "meow" (his little croak inspired the name Kermit).

He has a lot of confidence and quickly learned how to open all my kitchen cabinets.  He prefers wet food, which is good as I would like to put some weight on him.

Thanks again to all of you at the CPS. It is a wonderful thing you are doing out there and I am glad I could give one little guy a home.


        Thanks Mark!


   Logan.jpg (16265 bytes)


Dear Rosie (CPS Volunteer):

I am writing to thank you for bringing me one of the greatest joys of my life, SIMON!!  My husband and I were searching for a companion for our 14 year old adult female who is very aloof and independent.  We thought she would accept a kitten easier than another adult cat.   We logged on to The Cat Protection Society website because we knew you worked there.  We identified five kittens and based on your knowledge and expertise, we ended up with Simon and he immediately became the love of our lives!  He is sweet, fun, loving and a never ending supply of laughter and wonder in our lives!  Our neighbors "borrowed" him because we were out of town and they had friends over who have a severely autistic daughter.  She does not bond with other humans or animals, but immediately she bonded with Simon!  Her mother was so touched that they have asked for future visitation with Simon to see the joy and love their daughter has exhibited!  Simon brings joy wherever his paws land - thank you from the bottom of my heart!



     Thanks Sheri!



        Clover1.jpg (17317 bytes)              Clover.jpg (20499 bytes)


Dear CPS:

I wanted to submit my success story for my cat Clover. We adopted her early last year as I've been wanting to have one since I left Georgia where my roommate had a cat that was very affectionate; very close to the level of a dog, if you can believe it. Sure enough, when I walked in the back room play area, Clover quite literally came up to my chest like she wanted to hug me. She pretty much chose me and I couldn't say no to such a beautiful kitty (albeit unique with no tail).   :)  We've had Clover for nearly a year and she gets along with our dog Koa very well. They play together all the time, especially at night. It's almost like a foresight into the future on what kids will be like...right now that's not pleasant. Lol. She sleeps with us in our bed, along with our dog and wakes us up when they think it's time to get up; luckily it's usually around the time for work, so she's like an emergency alarm clock, which can be good at times. We really enjoy having her, the affection she shows to us, and look forward to more fun times. Well, that's pretty much my success story for Clover. The photo on the left is showing her sleeping on my wife's leg with a paw next to her sock.  Thank you for everything.



                     Thanks Heather and Troy!



        Tommy1.jpg (38958 bytes)      Tommy3.jpg (40259 bytes)        Tommy2.jpg (41281 bytes)

Tommy and Sunny

Dear CPS:

My husband Mike and I took in an abandoned cat, Garfield, from our neighborhood, and lost him to Feline Leukemia 1 1/2 years later at 3 years old. We had tried everything to save him, but his body just had enough and he was ready to pass on. We were devastated. We took his toys and food to CPS for their leukemia room three days later where we visited all the rooms including the kitten room. While in the kitten room, this cute little 6 month old kitten kept following us around and loving on us. Even though Mike wasn't ready to adopt another cat yet, "Donna II" as he was named then, won him over. He decided his forever family had finally arrived. He's been with us over over a year now, and we couldn't imagine life without him. No one could replace Garfield but Tommy as he's now called, is our angel from heaven. We adopted Sunny from the Quiet room (Doane's Room), 2 months later. He kept looking at me with 'those eyes' every time I went over to visit.

Sunny fit in perfectly and he and Tommy are best of friends. Tommy is our wild little boy that craves attention and loves to get into all sorts of fun trouble. Sunny is laid back and loves to watch what's going on. He loves people, napping in the sun, and playing with toys when he thinks nobody is looking. We also have an older cat, 15 year old Oreo, that is like Grandma to the other cats, and Shadow, a black cat around Tommy's age that we rescued from outside when the area had coyote issues during the summer of this year. We also have an 11 year old Lab mix that the cats just adore.

They all love each other so much and are one big happy family. I truly believe that animals, whether they are fur babies, or feathered friends, are all angels in disguise. Our community is blessed to have your shelter taking care of homeless cats (and dogs), and helping them find their forever homes, or in some cases, providing a wonderful place to live out the rest of their lives. Without you, we wouldn't have our Tommy and Sunny, two of the reasons we were able to get through the loss of our precious Garfield.

We love you all,

Pamela and Michael


                     Thanks Pamela and Mike!



        wonder-1.jpg (31668 bytes)
Used with permission of the Orlando Sentinel, copyright 2011

"Wonder" The Kitten And A Little Lesson Of Love

The beautiful thing about wonder is that it often leads to hope. And when we believe, hope can lead to change.

Take the example of the tiny ten week-old kitten who has amazed everyone he's met. Feral, alone and wandering the streets of Mount Dora, he was found just after Christmas by a local resident and brought to a nearby vet clinic. But this little guy wasn't just hungry, scared and suffering from a severe upper respiratory infection -- he had frightening scabs all over his eyelids and nose. He was only given a 50 percent chance of survival.  And it quickly became clear that his eyeballs had to be removed.

But after that the wonder began -- in fact, it was just about the same time he was given the nickname "Wonder" after Stevie Wonder. During his initial treatment, staffers and volunteers started to notice that, despite not having eyes, the spunky guy somehow managed to pounce and play like any other kitten would.  This got everyone at the clinic thinking. And watching. At one point, it had been recommended that doctors sew Wonder's eyes shut (a common procedure for blind animals to prevent infection). However, one day during close observation, they saw Wonder get himself up onto a box inside his enclosure and it was discovered that he did, in fact, have retinas still fully attached. He was therefore able to sense shadows and changes in light. This miraculous revelation changed his diagnosis from "completely blind" to "limited vision."

That meant he didn't need his eyes sewn shut and soon, little Wonder had a new lease on life. Soon after, the black and white kitten was transferred to the Cat Protection Society in Eustis and all the love and care of the CPS team began to really pay off. Wonder's personality warmed up more and more and pretty soon it was time to make him available for adoption.

But as optimistic as the CPS staff was, inevitable doubt crept in. Wonder was a formerly feral kitten, missing both of his eyes. It would take someone with an enormous heart and unlimited patience to give him the perfect forever home.

They hoped…but remained realistic.

And then, it happened! Not long after Wonder's story appeared in an Orlando Sentinel article, he was adopted by just that kind of person! Hope had given way to change. Change for the precious little cat who had inspired so many with his courage. And perhaps someday, a change in the way all cats with disabilities are viewed.

                     Thanks, Jean (Wonder's new Mom)!




        mudcat.JPG (22073 bytes)            Mudcat2.jpg (28218 bytes)

Mudcat Grant and Catfish Hunter

Dear CPS:

My husband Tom and I talked for months about getting a companion for our 3 year old orange tabby, Catfish Hunter. Since Catfish is spoiled with our love and attention I was concerned if he would accept a new cat. Just before Christmas we began surfing the web for cats at local shelters, Tom decided that he wanted a female grey tabby, anything but a black cat. When I came to The Cat Protection Society I saw so many cats that I would love to take home. Mr Phibbs, 3 year old black male, pretty much the opposite of what Tom was thinking, just kept snuggling with me and with the help of your staff he is the one I took home.

It only took a week before Catfish Hunter and Mudcat Grant (Mr. Phibbs new name) began to play. At first Catfish did not know what to do since he was never around other cats. Mudcat would try to play and Catfish just watched him. Well, we have had Mudcat for 1 month and they are the best of friends. They play running though the house, sometimes moving furniture with the speed that they jump onto it! One of the cutest things is that when they want quiet they go into the garage and sleep in my car.

Mudcat is now my cuddle boy, he sits on my lap for hours when not playing with Hunter. Thanks for taking care of Mudcat until I found him! We love him and Hunter does too!



                     Thanks Barbara and Tom!



        Binkie and Cookie.jpg (32419 bytes)

Binkie and Cookie

Dear CPS:

We adopted Binkie (Black One) and Cookie (Gray Tiger) from CPS in June of 2004. We cannot believe our angels have been with us for seven years already. They follow us around the house and greet us at the door whenever we come home and it's real obvious that they have missed us while we were out. They are both very healthy and play vigorously alone and together. They are the loves of our lives and we tend to brag about them whenever we get an audience that will listen. We only wish we could take in more of these little angels as they give as much love as they get.


Susan and Roger

                     Thanks Susan and Roger!



        Shadow III.JPG (38047 bytes)

Shadow III

To Our Friends at CPS:

Following the loss of our 3 year old little boy "Shadow II" who succumb to a genetic heart defect 10-19-10 while visiting his vet for routine annual immunizations we were devastated.

After some consideration we decided to visit the Cat Protection Society to look for a kitten to adopt. We wanted a little boy domestic black short hair tuxedo to replace the treasure we had lost. Of consideration was the 3 year old female sister of Shadow II in our home and how she might respond to a new little brother. Our thinking was that a young kitten would probably be adopted by her more readily then an older cat.

We found a little copy of our Shadow II at the shelter. The little guy was climbing all over us and begging to be adopted. This little guy was one from Marie's group ID 7143 born late August 2010.

Today our Shadow III is a ball of energy completely healthy with the sweetest personality exhibiting high intelligence and manipulative social skills.

Thank you all for providing a protective environment for this little guy so that we could bring him into our family.



                     Thanks Gary!



slick.jpg (24020 bytes)     slick and jill.jpg (18136 bytes)    slick2.jpg (19262 bytes)

Jill and Slick

Dear CPS:

Back in October we adopted our baby from the Cat Protection Society. We named him Slick because he was quickly sneaking around in places you wouldn't expect him to be.  Here are a few photos of the baby...all loved and lazyyyyyyyyyy...LOLLL



                     Thanks Tracy and Jill!



Chesterone.JPG (16687 bytes)     chestersmiling.jpg (33232 bytes)    chesterleosleep.jpg (35952 bytes)


Dear CPS:

Here are photos of our Chester, whom we adopted from CPS in September 2008...he's a British Shorthair with quite a lovey bear attitude. We weren't looking for a cat the day we came in to drop off bags of kitty litter and canned food, but his big size and gentle attitude won us over. He's an odd eater, only preferring dry cat food...no treats, cat or human, yet he still manages to maintain a 17-pound weight. We love him dearly and hope to have him for a long time. He shares our Mount Dora home with two other kitties, BeBop, a crazy calico, and Leo, pictured sleeping with him on the bed.

Thanks for all you do for these felines. We'll be back when we feel the need to add another kitty to our clowder.


Monique and Chuck

                     Thanks Monique and Chuck!




adoptedDexter.jpg (20302 bytes)     adoptedMuldoon.jpg (27049 bytes)    adoptedMuldoon1.jpg (35784 bytes)


Dear CPS:

We adopted Golden Boy and Todd....now known as Muldoon and Dexter. We adopted both of them on 6/19. The stories are endless with the activity and the antics we witness each and every day from both these goof balls. Golden Boy/Muldoon obviously full grown from the photo behaves like a goofy kitten. He is so cute. His behavior is beyond words. He is partners with new best friend Dexter. Dexter and Golden Boy/Muldoon are inseparable.

They both are constantly fetching small toys and crumpled up wrappers that are thrown. Dexter actually brings them back and drops them at our feet all the time. 20-30 times in a row all the time everyday. They are constantly wrestling with each other and chasing each other from room to room. Stalking each other around the corners and from behind furniture. Pouncing on each other and rolling around together. They are constantly loving on us. Resting on our laps and cuddling up when its convenient at their nap time. They fly into the kitchen like lightening each and every time the refrigerator door opens. Looking for a treat. They love the squirrels, birds, rabbits and raccoons in the yard on a daily basis. Lots and lots to see out there! Golden Boy/Muldoon chatters at the birds constantly. He spends most of his day stalking all the birds from inside the house. Hiding and peeking and leaping and then crashing into the window a lot. He is a piece of work. He drinks from the faucet all the time too as you can see from the photo. When he hears that water come on he flies into the kitchen for a quick sip.

Besides their antics and craziness when they are not sleeping, Dexter is on my lap at the computer as I work most of the day. Golden Boy/Muldoon is at Doug's hip or lap in his chair watching the birds from a distance. All while rolling over and getting petted and loved constantly from him. The chasing each other fiasco is usually at night between 8-10.

These two cats made us so happy and are truly great pets. Each so unique in their own way. Especially Golden Boy. He is a piece of work in all categories. Dexter is following in his foot steps! Dexter is now about 6 months old. Muldoon is probably 3 years old.

A big thank you to the CPS for making this all possible!


Cheryl and Doug

                     Thanks Cheryl and Doug!



Sophie.JPG (23852 bytes)          Sophie2.JPG (21104 bytes)         Sophie3.JPG (25061 bytes)


Dear CPS:

Sophie and I are doing great! She is so sweet and attached to me. She follows me from room to room, plays on my bed when I'm on it, snuggles up with me - on part of my face usually - ha, and has the loudest purr! In one of her photos she is watching Top Chef!



                     Thanks Michelle!




Scotch4 001.jpg (29246 bytes)         


Dear Staff and Volunteers at CPS:

Earlier this year I decided the time was right to acquire a new addition to my cat family. My five older ones are slowing down and I wanted a younger cat to shake things up a bit. The decision to adopt a pet is not one that I or anyone should take lightly as it is a lifetime commitment, which sadly, not everyone seems to think about when they first fall in love with a cute, tiny, kitten or puppy. So when I made this decision I wanted the new addition to be a good fit and not cause too much stress on my older ones.

With the help of dedicated volunteer, Carole, I adopted "Scotch", a beautiful orange tabby from CPS in February and he is just perfect. He has adapted quite well to his new family and I can't be happier. I love all of my cats but must confess that Scotch is very special. He is so loving and trusting and follows me around like a puppy with his tail wagging back and forth. As you can tell, I am absolutely crazy about him!

Cats have brought so much pleasure and joy to my life despite the responsibility, expense, occasional messes and vet bills which are a reality of pet ownership. If you are ready to commit to adopting a new best friend, CPS is the place to find one. Please help support this wonderful rescue organization!


Mary Beth

                     Thanks Mary Beth!




Maxie.jpg (19806 bytes)      maxie1.jpg (25458 bytes)    Maxie2.jpg (29104 bytes)


Dear CPS,

Our first visit to CPS the summer of 2008 was to donate food and supplies from our beloved cat, Mick, who had been part of our family for 10 years and died unexpectedly from cancer we didn't know he had.  We had never seen anything like CPS -- not in size or scope -- and the idea of taking care of so many cats and kittens under one roof was amazing.    We had both decided we couldn't let ourselves become attached to another kitten or cat, but we liked the idea of visiting and taking treats for the ones living there.

    As luck would have it, I became attached to various kittens and young cats, and watched as each of them was adopted by someone else!   One day in late November my husband was holding a little black bit of fluff named D.J. and said "I think you'd better take this one before someone else does."    We came back a couple days later and adopted the kitten.  There was little known about her history since she had been left in a small box near the gate in October with one of her littermates.

She was very quiet and timid at first.  If we walked out of a room, she'd remain in that room until we came back -- as if she didn't know she could "wander around".  We renamed her Maxie and taught her that she had the run of the house.  Because she was so small and could get into so many places, we had to childproof the house too.  :-)  In 40 years of having cats (and dogs) as members of the family, we'd never had a female cat, never a longhaired cat, and never an all black one.  She broke all the rules.

The screened lanai soon became her favorite place to hang out.   Literally.  She was so flexible that she could get herself into positions that defied comfort!

She has grown and occupies the whole house now.  She has her very own personality, lots of little quirks, plays ball and fetch, loves to watch the birds, butterflies and lizards, and enjoys seeing the neighbors walk their dogs.   Most importantly, she has found her forever home.


Sandy and Larry

                     Sandy and Larry still come in and visit the kitties every other weekend.  Thanks Sandy and Larry!




Tippys parents.jpg (85170 bytes)


MOUSE AND TIPPY were dropped at a local church.  They were in very rough condition and much too young to eat on their own.  One of our foster Moms took them in and bottle-fed them round the clock and medicated them as needed to get them healthy.  Once they were old enough to be adopted, they were posted on this website.  Lindsay contacted us two days later and set up an appointment to meet them.  Once she met them, she knew she had to have them both.  Mouse and Tippy are now enjoying playing with their new dog sibling.

Thanks Lindsay and Todd!




Bear.jpg (15311 bytes)                                                              Bears new home.JPG (96975 bytes)

                  BEAR as a kitten in foster care                                                             BEAR in his new forever home

BEAR, along with his Mom and 4 newborn littermates, were abandoned when their owners moved.  A neighbor rescued them and brought them to the shelter.  They all were immediately put into foster care.  As soon as the kittens were weaned and able to be without their mother, the Mama kitty was spayed and adopted.  However, just as the kittens were old enough to be adopted, each one became extremely ill and needed to be force fed and medicated by their foster parents.  The vet said that it may have been something passed through the mother kitty.  Bear got the worst of it and actually lost a bit of his tongue.  All the kitties survived, though, and got adopted except Bear and his brother.  That was last summer.

Recently a wonderful couple came to the shelter and fell in love with Bear's laid back attitude.   As you can see by the picture above, he is now in his element in his new forever home!

                                                                         Thanks Evgeniya and Buster!




liz and annie.jpg (36838 bytes)

TEAPOT AND ROBIN came to us via our Sheba Fund.  They were both from separate owner turn-ins to Lake County Animal Services.  Through our Sheba Fund we were able to take on Teapot and Robin at CPS.  Several months later a wonderful man came in looking for two cats.  He had recently lost his long time cat companion of many years.  He spotted Teapot first as she was very outgoing and greeted every visitor in the outback at the shelter.  She looked her new Dad right in the eye and spoke to him.  His heart melted for her.  Robin was acting in her typical "princess way" when she also called him over to her.  He fell in love with her special "I'm here to be served by you attitude" too.  Both girls, now named ANNIE AND ELIZABETH, are living happily with their new Dad Jerry!

                                                                                  Thank you Jerry! 




Wolfy.jpg (31910 bytes)

WOLFY was found wandering a rural Lake Co. road. Her rescuer brought her to our shelter. Wolfy's tenure at CPS was difficult for her. It was clear she had been somebody's only cat. She needed lots of personal space – and one on one (human) attention. Enter her soon to be adoptive mom who liked Wolfy's strong character; liked the fact that she is vocal, chatty, and opinionated. Thus came about a match made in heaven. Her mom tells us that Wolfy has already taken over management of her new home – which is running quite smoothly.

                                                                                  Thank you Thora!