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Adopt A Kitty -- Other Available Kitties

Although the shelter could not accommodate the kitties listed here, they are also in need of homes.  Please contact these people directly regarding these adorable kitties.




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This is a FEMALE orange and white kitten that loves to be loved!   The owners not only let their cat breed and have kittens, but then moved to Mississippi and left many, many cats behind, including several kittens. 

If interested, please contact the rescuer at (352) 454-9996 cell or (352) 821-6816 home.




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The above photo is just one of a litter of kittens and young adult cats that need homes. They are part of a feral colony that I fed but I can’t afford to keep looking after them anymore. They are all friendly and will come to you to be petted and picked up. The youngest kittens are only a couple of months old (7 kittens) and the oldest are about 6-7 months. I have a couple of female cats who are approximately a year old.

Please contact Frances at 386-473-4986 if you are able to adopt any of these.




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We have three kittens that we rescued with their mother. They were starving, sick, and the kittens had such a bad reciprocity issues their eyes were matted shut. The kittens were about 3 weeks old when we got them.

After 2 trips to the vet they are all better. They are 8 weeks old and eating kitten chow. They are very smart, and were litter box trained at 4 weeks old.

There are 2 boys ( Possum, and Fang).   Possum is the littlest one. 

The girl is Smasher.  She has a flatter face, and is the largest. She is also a little FUR BALL!

We are keeping the momma cat. (We know it is hard to adopt adult cats, so we made her part of our family, and she will be the little sister to our four male cats.)

If you are interested in adopting one (or more) of these kittens, please call Jamie at 731-798-0766 (Tennessee number but we live here now in Lake County.)




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Our neighbors across the street moved and left a litter of kittens behind.  This little girl came over and started banging on our screen door.  She is as sweet as can be but I already have several so I can't take in any more.  I am, however, having her vacinated and spayed.  She would love to have her own home.   Do you have room in yours?

Please call 863-529-5387.




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    Ivan and Smokey

This sweet cat is an adult male (not neutered) who appears to be part Siamese (check out his beautiful blue eyes).  He was abandoned a little over a year ago when someone moved.  We have been feeding him regularly and call him Ivan. It was apparent from the beginning that he was someone's cat and not just a stray and has become quite attached to being taken care of.  He does not come inside, but stays around, under the cars and in the orange groves til feeding time.

We can no longer continue to feed him as we have been told that Animal Control will be called soon to pick him up if we continue to do so, but feel he would make a very good outside cat for someone. There is another pretty tame adult male (neutered) who is solid gray and is also a good cat.

Contact Harold at 407-452-4059




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We found this kitty around July 30th in the Silver lake area of Leesburg. She is a very affectionate female, not quite full grown. We have named her Stripes. We took her to the Vet this week and she had worms and was pregnant. We had her spayed. Sripes is a very loving kitty, but she does not get along with our other cats. We would love to find her a loving home.

Bob or Becky





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    Buddy and Taffy - ADOPTED TOGETHER!!

This is my mother's heartbreaking, "crazy cat lady's" circumstances she had been dreading for her last days. My elderly mother's declining health has forced her into an unexpected, immediate assisted living arrangement while visiting her former hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. She knows this arrangement will be for the remainder of her life and she can no longer keep her beloved "fur children". "Buddy" (left photo) is a 10 year old neutered male "lap cat".  He is just a big ball of friendly love. "Taffy" is a sweet 4 year old spayed female; she was rescued by my mother in a trailer park a few years back and my mother nursed her back to health. Both are indoor kitties. My mother was hoping to return to Florida to say goodbye to them, however this is not a possibility due to her health. Buddy and Taffy are currently boarded at East Lake Animal Clinic in Sorrento, Florida, where both are current on vaccinations and in excellent health. I have had no success with placing them in any "no kill" shelters and rescue groups as they are at max capacity. These kitties are too sweet and have too much life and love left in them to be put down, they instead need to be put in the arms of someone who will love them and get many years of love and companionship in return. I cannot adopt them as I am limited to my 3 cats of my own. This entire situation is breaking my heart. My mom deserves to have her "fur babies" with her at the end, as her happiest times in life were spent with her cats but since this is not possible; she at least deserves the peace knowing they are in good homes. My mother has always had a passion for rescuing unwanted or "thrown away" kittens and cats; a generous trait which she has passed on to us, her children. She spent her happiest times in life around cats; from adopted strays, feeding a feral colony in the 90's and participating in the Central Florida Care Program with trap/spay/release of feral cats. She was "mom" to a few pedigrees that have passed on as well. Cats are her joy and devotion. Unfortunately, "everyone wants a kitten", however people don't realize adult cats have outgrown the destructive phase, they are mellow lap companions wanting to give love and companionship. Please help me in comforting my mom with knowing her "fur babies" are taken care of. I will be traveling from her home in Florida to pack up and send her things, I will be driving back from her home in Florida to mine in South Carolina. If anyone or an organization will take them, we can make travel arrangements for them to get to you. We know that there is a good chance they will be separated but they are both good on their own, and will bring much happiness to anyone that opens their homes and hearts to them.

Andrea Montgomery




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OtherPeachesKitten1.JPG (34215 bytes)   OtherPeachesKitten2.JPG (35870 bytes)   OtherPeachesKitten3.JPG (33541 bytes)


   PEACHES and her Kittens

Extremely sweet and playful young orange tabby with beautiful green eyes who just had kittens needs a foster home right away.  Peaches is FIV positive and needs to be removed from her kittens right away to lessen the chances of them becoming FIV positive as well. She is receiving 3 doses of Tcyte therapy over the next two weeks which has an 80% chance of lowering her viral load significantly or all the way to 0!

Information on Tcyte: http://tcyte.com/

One buff colored male and female kittens all appear to be medium to long hair.

I can be reached at 614 571 9512








I just don't understand how anyone could just dump kittens off by a major highway and take off.  But that is exactly what happened to these three beautiful, black kittens.  They were scared to death and hiding in some trees when my friend discovered them.  Her dog alerted her that they were there and upon closer examination she found them afraid and trembling.  She immediately brought them into her home and gave them the care that they needed for two weeks.   They are now approximately 10 weeks old, litter trained, very friendly, adorable, and ready to be adopted into safe, forever homes. 

If you have room in your heart and your home, please contact Sharon at (352) 508-5727 or dickpresco@aol.com.




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         Tobyother.jpg (25487 bytes)   Tobyother1.jpg (16216 bytes)


Toby is an approximately 8 year old, neutered, male cat.  He is a cat with a wonderful personality.  We have had him for about 5 years, but we are forced to give him up because we have inherited a German Shepherd who does not like cats.

Toby has tested positive for FIV, and as such, needs to be an indoor cat.  FIV does not transfer to dogs or people.  It has been reported on vet websites that research shows that FIV only transfers to other cats if there is a problem with fighting or it may transfer through sex.

Toby is a wonderful cat.  We want to find Toby a good home and so, if necessary, we are willing to contribute to his maintenance and to his vet bills, if any, that are related to FIV.  If kept indoors he probably will not have an occurrence of FIV related illnesses.

To find out more, please call Jim at 407-312-3588.