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Jansfosters2.jpg (31355 bytes)THE CAT PROTECTION SOCIETY needs foster homes for kittens that are too young to be adopted.  This can be a mother cat and her kittens that are under eight weeks old or just the kittens.  CPS particularly needs foster parents who have had experience in raising young orphan kittens under four weeks of age as they need to be bottle-fed every few hours until they are approximately four weeks old and can eat on their own.  Due to the shortage of foster homes available, the shelter sometimes has to turn away these young kittens.  While the commitment to foster is fairly time consuming for a few weeks, it is also very rewarding.   Kittens that have been raised in foster homes are socialized and tend to be very loving sJansfosters.jpg (25223 bytes)o they make particularly good companions.  Once the kittens are eight weeks old, they may be returned to the shelter where they will be put up for adoption.  If this is something that you think you would enjoy, please contact the shelter. 



Raising newborn kittens

Caring for newborn kittens

Caring for baby kittens

Basic newborn kitten care