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MARCH - MAY 2013: 

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NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2012:  Volunteers at THE CAT PROTECTION SOCIETY are hosting their 9th Annual Food Drive.

2012 CPS Annual Food Drive.jpg (373890 bytes)






JULY 15, 2012:  THE CAT PROTECTION SOCIETY is participating in an event put on by Paws Care for their first annual Red Ribbon Rocks music fest on July 15th, 20012 from 1pm to 8pm at Orlando Brewing located at 1301 Atlanta Avenue, Orlando, FL 32806.  Visit http://www.pawscare.org/home#!events for more information.

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If not for yourself, do it for them. Paws Care services people who are affected by HIV/AIDS, cancer and other terminal illnesses with thier pet care needs.



SUMMER 2012:  THE CAT PROTECTION SOCIETY is participating in PUPS ON THE PATIO in Tavares, Florida this summer.  This is a free fun block party presented by the Green K9 which is open to the public and their dogs.  There are great raffles and pet baths and even dog smooches!  100% of the proceeds benefit 11 local pet rescue groups.  This season's events began March 3 at 6:00 p.m. and will continue every 1st Saturday of each month until September 1.  Please come out and see us!  Make sure to stop by our booth and say "hi"!  For more information regarding PUPS ON THE PATIO click here.

PupsonthePatio.jpg (46438 bytes)

Nice turn out at Pups on the Patio on March 3. It was windy, but we survived. Thank you to all the people that are helping us get all the stuff we need together plus all the great volunteers that work the event.  Kudos to Carolyn, Jan, Merie, Polly, Chloe for helping at our table and Rick, Lori and Barbara for stopping by and supporting the cause. Thanks Everyone ... hope to see you all for the next one!



NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2011:  Volunteers at THE CAT PROTECTION SOCIETY hosted their 8th Annual Food Drive.
Thanks to all who donated food and supplies! 

  ThankyouFlyer2011.jpg (221773 bytes)




NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2010:  Volunteers at THE CAT PROTECTION SOCIETY hosted their 7th Annual Food Drive.
Thanks to all who donated food and supplies!  See how happy the kitties are now: 

                 Thank_You_Flyer_2010[1].jpg (148833 bytes)


DECEMBER 3 - 4, 2010:  THE CAT PROTECTION SOCIETY hosted a YARD SALE at the CPS Resale Shop featuring Christmas and other holiday items.  Thanks to all who came and all who helped!


NOVEMBER 11, 2010:  CenturyLink hosted a craft and bake sale for their employees as a way to reach out to the community.  Over $400 was raised and all proceeds went to THE CAT PROTECTION SOCIETY.  CPS volunteer and CenturyLink employee, Joan, who spearheaded this annual event also painted a beautiful Christmas village that was raffled off in the afternoon.   

                            Centurylink2.JPG (57890 bytes)                  CenturyLink3.JPG (50240 bytes)

Donna Bonner, IT Engineer at CenturyLink, was the lucky winner of the raffle!

Thanks to all who donated crafts, baked goodies and helped run the event! 


OCTOBER 1 - 2, 2010:   THE CAT PROTECTION SOCIETY hosted a YARD SALE.  Along with lots of clothing, the sale featured Halloween and Thanksgiving items.  Thank you to those that volunteered their time to help and a special thanks to Elaine and Thomas who coordinate all our yard sales! 

yardsale2.JPG (50054 bytes)

Elaine and Thomas

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JUNE 27, 2010:


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THE FROSTY MUG in Mount Dora hosted a dinner June 27th with live entertainment, raffles, etc. to benefit THE CAT PROTECTION SOCIETY.  It had a great turnout and fun was had by all!  A special thanks to Carolyn and Allison (CPS volunteers) and Misty (Frosty Mug) for spearheading this event!  We'd like to also thank the many other CPS volunteers who participated and those folks who contributed items to be raffled.  And of course thanks to all who came and supported CPS!  This was a great success!

CPS Frosty Mug Event Misty.JPG (33597 bytes)

CPS Frosty Mug Event Allison.JPG (35115 bytes)

CPS Frosty Mug Event volunteers.JPG (41236 bytes)


Allison and Carole
(CPS volunteers)

Leslie, Marie, and Rosie
(CPS volunteers)



Frosty Mug poster.JPG (38292 bytes) Frosty Mug raffles.JPG (41600 bytes) Frosty Mug Sandy.JPG (37441 bytes)

Thanks Allison, for all your work!

Over $800 in raffle prizes donated

Sandy and Carole
(CPS volunteers)



Frosty Mug Jonathan.JPG (27149 bytes)

(CPS volunteer)